Insights from international Intiga satisfaction survey

It is well recognised that fittings with first-time users are always at risk. New users are often slow to accept amplification and when they do, they have high demands – especially of their hearing instruments1.

The importance of getting it right the first time

In a large-scale international study conducted by Oticon in 20112, 1,500 people, whom suspected they had a hearing loss but had not yet obtained hearing devices, ranked the qualities they valued most in a hearing solution:

  • Feels comfortable
  • Understand speech clearly
  • Hear sounds as expected
  • Discreet or invisible
  • Easy to handle

To succeed with first-time users, every aspect of the hearing device – the appearance, the fit and feel and the signal processing – must meet their high expectations from the start.

Easy to handle

Fully automatic, button-free, robust and reliable, Intiga eliminates the hassle for first-time users. Comfort in the ear and handling ease both earn a high 8.7 out of 10 rating – a happy outcome that indicates first-time users are not intimidated by Intiga’s tiny 10A battery.

Intiga improves speech understanding

First-time users perceive significant improvements in quiet and more importantly noise when wearing Intiga. Intiga’s Speech Guard minimises the speech distortions of conventional compression systems. Voice Aligned Compression takes into account first-time users need for optimised speech intelligibility and preservation of loudness function for audibility in all situations.

On average, survey participants rate speech understanding with Intiga 3.4 points higher in quiet, and 3.9 points higher in noise compared to listening without hearing aids.

Speech in noise

Speech in quiet

With Intiga
Without hearing aids

Another aspect to performance and comfort is sound quality. 86% of survey participants rated sound quality with Intiga as very natural (a strong 8.3 rating).

All ratings were made on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the best. For each question, the lowest and the highest ratings were assigned relevant labels.

About the survey

The Intiga Satisfaction Survey was conducted by Oticon in November, 2011, through March, 2012. The purpose was to:

  • determine end-user satisfaction with Intiga RITE and to
  • determine hearing care professionals success in addressing primarily first-time users with Intiga RITE.

The survey involved 111 end-users – of which 75% were first-time users – and 243 hearing care professionals in seven countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK and USA. The results are published in the “Oticon Intiga Satisfaction Survey 2012” white paper by Julie N. Weile, M.A., Research Audiologist, May 2012.

1 “New Insights Into First Time Users,” Schum, D., Weile, J. & Behrens, T. (2011), Oticon white paper.
2 “International First-Time User Insights Expanded Survey,” Oticon, September 2011, Denmark.

More survey findings

Oticon Intiga
즉각적인 수용, 즉각적인 장점
Successful first fittings

Intiga’s Automatic Adaptation Manager (First Fit Algorithm) is designed to give clients more benefits faster. This is backed up by the survey’s results. We asked 243 hearing care professionals in seven countries, and they found it easy to achieve a successful first fit with first-time users when using Intiga (a high 8.2 rating).


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