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Right on target, right away – cordlessly

Oticon’s fitting and counselling tool, Genie, is designed to help you provide top quality fittings that meet the individual needs of each user.

High-precision first time fittings

Genie is designed for high-precision first-time fittings. This increases initial user acceptance and reduces the need for fine tuning. By supporting your workflow, Genie helps you provide a first-class fitting experience.

Use Genie for:

  • Fitting
  • Counselling
  • Product demonstrations
  • Staff training
  • Remote on-line support from Oticon specialists

Cordless fittings improve your clients’ experience

All RISE-powered instruments can be fitted more quickly and with less hassle by eliminating programming cables and adapters. That’s why Oticon introduced nEARcom.

nEARcom offers:

  • Reliable and easy cordless fitting of hearing instruments
  • More time for the client due to less fussing with cables and adapters
  • Increased client comfort, with no string around the neck and no cables to the ears
  • Easy setup using the NOAHlink Bluetooth interface

A one-stop tool – plus online support

Genie offers all the tools you need to help you succeed.

  • It interfaces seamlessly with our comprehensive multimedia counselling tools, Gateway, eCaps, e-brochures and demonstration tools, all designed to support the counselling and fitting process.
  • It contains comprehensive instructional videos that teach you and your clients what you need to know.
  • Online tools in Genie offer a new level of support through live, online remote assistance. We can help you solve problems and deal with challenging fittings.

Easier upgrades through Genie Updater

  • Rather than having to wait for CDs to gain access to new devices and features, you can use Genie Updater to access new versions of Genie or the latest updates as soon as they are released.
  • Running silently in the background, Genie Updater automatically checks for updates, notifying you only when you need to take an action. If the download process should be interrupted, the download will pick up from where it left off as soon as the connection is reestablished.

People First
is our commitment to empower people through insight and innovation
Get Genie Updater
  • Easy access to new versions of Genie or updates as soon as they are released.
  • The updater runs silently in the background and checks for updates automatically – you will only be notified when you need to take action.

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