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Oticon holds regular conferences and participates in the most important international events such as EUHA and Audiology Now! to contribute to broadening awareness, skills and services in the hearing industry.

Oticon web TV’s coverage of the world’s largest audiology gathering, Audiology Now! and Europe’s biggest conference the 2010 EUHA features highlights, interviews and insights from a variety of hearing care industry attendees and their key learnings from the Oticon booths.


Oticon holds seminars regularly. Seminars combine vital and useful information about advanced technology with a greater understanding of relevant human factors for optimal results for your and your clients.


Update your skills and services at our regular OtiCongresses. Internationally renowned speakers discuss the very latest hearing care developments through lectures and workshops that cover relevant topics from audiology to business strategy, counselling to marketing.

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사업자 등록번호: 104-86-24123 대표자명: 박진균(그룹 대표자명:닐스제이콥슨) 이메일 주소:info@oticonkorea.com