POS displays

Make a great first impression in your clinic

Oticon’s latest Point of Sale elements will make sure your clinic stands out from competitors. By welcoming and informing your clients, the POS elements help to make a great first impression of your clinic.


The look and feel of all elements are consistent with material in the Consumer Marketing Toolkit, which makes it easy for traffic building activities to resonate with the décor of your waiting and counselling rooms. All elements are scalable, easy to handle and reusable.

Co-developed by hearing care professionals

Hearing care professionals have co-developed this suite of elements that includes window and dummy displays, business card holders, a streamlined product case and posters that explain hearing loss to your clients clearly and succinctly.

Let's act on consumer needs
End-user journey

The end-user journey illustrates the key stages a client goes through on the journey to better hearing.

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